Le Parisien

Le Parisien
" The successor of Al Jarreau "

He should have been the first performer at Johnny Hallyday’s "Parc de princes" concert because of his magnificent stage presence. additionally, he should have won the "Star academy's" final, because his voice is far superior to other performers whose popularity is only temporary. this french-cameroonian artist named Francis Jocky is more than promising. on his recently produced solo album, Jocky’s voice, like Al Jarreau ’s, is very groovy and lively, infused with instruments in very technological tones. Francis Jocky does everything. not only did he compose and write the twelve songs of the album, entitled "Mister pain", he also passes smoothly from soul to world music, from blues to ballad, and from synthesizer to simple guitar, resulting from experiences gained while working with different musicians, such as Jacques Higelin and the former leader of "Yes ", Jon Anderson . while listening to songs on this album, most notably Mister Pain , My life or We are , one starts to hum the tonic melodies, as if struck by a sudden desire to dance. this music is ideal entertainment in these difficult times. not bad for a beginner and not surprising either, Francis Jocky is an animal on stage with an expressive energy, capable of heating up a room in no time at all. he is truly amazing ! 

Maurice Achard 

Paris - France 

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