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Francis Jocky - Mr. Pain

- Too long nestled in the safe, but stifling cocoon of formulaic compositions, the unadventurous, subdued ear will be jolted at first introduction to Francis Jocky. Then, quickly recovering from the sensory ambush, it will perk up, allowing the beauty perceived to soak into the soul. Described as the synergy of traits distinctly Stevie Wonder , uniquely Bob Marley , noticeably Ben Harper and markedly Seal, the voice of “Mr. Pain” is undeniably original and all Francis Jocky.

Birthed and nurtured in native Douala-Cameroon, and honed in France, Francis Jocky’s passion for music and skilled craftsmanship reap from a duality of rhythmic and cultural influences while drinking from a myriad of musical influences. Incorporating into his sound the jazz of Miles Davis and Thelonius Monk , and the New Orleans R&B/folk of Randy Newman , Francis Jocky’s brand of innovation has elicited the praise of Sting and Bono , and has been sought after by artists such as Jon Anderson of the rock band Yes and Stevie Wonder. After one listen to this solo debut, you too will find something to love.

“Mr. Pain” brandishes an expressive medley of jazz, funk, soul, fun and contemplative tempos, and tangible lyrical themes that will leave you reeling. “There are so many things that make you want to scream everyday. You need to express them,” says Jocky of his songs about love, humanity, and the mysterious, unpredictable world we inhabit. Blown away by the pieces “How Can I Stand ” “Sera ” and “Song of Freedom ” I hope, perhaps selfishly, that he will constantly find inspiration and cause to cry out. With this incredible project, pain is beautiful.

Reviewer: C. Lizaire new pop

Reviewer's Rating: 8.5
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