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Boston Herald

Those with an adventurous palate might want to arrive earlier to hear Jocky…[his music] combines acoustics with electronic flourishes for a worldly yet melodic sound.
Sarah Rodman

The Celebrity Cafe 

"Mr. Pain” brandishes an expressive medley of jazz, funk, soul, fun and contemplative tempos, and tangible lyrical themes that will leave you reeling.
Blown away by the pieces “How Can I Stand,” “Sera” and “Song of Freedom” I hope, perhaps selfishly, that he will constantly find inspiration and cause to cry out. With this incredible project, Pain is beautiful. 
C. Lizaire

Music Shopper 

Something Inside so strong 
Where Paris´ leading daily newspaper, Le Parisien, hears ´Al Jarreau´s successor´, my perhaps less finely-tuned lugholes suggest the new Labi Siffre.
This is one horse he´s riding alone. No need for a photo finish, Francis triumphs with Mr Pain.
Matthew Hirtes

Le Parisien

“Jocky’s voice, like Al Jarreau’s, is very groovy and lively, infused with instruments in very technological tones…he passes smoothly from soul to world music, from blues to ballad, and from synthesizer to simple guitar. Francis Jocky is an animal on stage with an expressive energy, capable of heating up a room in no time at all. He is truly amazing!”

Maurice Achard           




Francis Jocky plays a brilliant mixture of Soul, Rhythm and Blues, and Jazz with skill and emotional honesty.
Those qualities are rare enough in popular music they should be celebrated and encouraged whenever they are encountered.

Richard Marcus

Star Polish

“Like a funkier Cat Stevens or a more direct Dave Matthews, Cameroon native Francis Jocky exudes sweet, sunny charm as he gets to the heart of the matter. A true pleasure to discover
Critics Corner


Global Rhythm Magazine

Jocky is a sort of postmodern soul man, no matter what part of the world it comes from and the resultant blend
is both melodic and grooving, with hooks to please almost any ear.
Phil Freeman


Indie Launchpad

“…Absolutely fabulous music, which really is no surprise, when you read up on his musical pedigree…. 2006 is going to be a good year for music if this album is anything to go by. He’s ….performed with Stevie Wonder and U2, …quite a feat.”
Indie Launchpad


Le Figaro

 “Altogether, the songs contained in this album present an expressive voice which occasionally reminds one of Al Jarreau. We love this record.”
Jean-Luc Wachtshausen 


A&R Online

 “Francis Jocky has a voice that is quite unique, something that I would rather not compare to anyone.  His songs are special and his French-Cameroon roots come out in a vibrant and inspired way.”
A&R Online



France Musique

“He’s like dynamite on stage!”
Arielle Buteaux
France Musique